Tuesday, December 14, 2010

finals week....

well it's here....FINALS WEEK....great. a week full of studying, reading, sleeping, studying, taking tests, writing papers, and studying some more. luckily for me...im almost done. i only have one more to take....but it's in the class that is hardest for me :( so we'll see how it goes. im just hoping to pass in order to pass my classes. that's what im praying for right now...just to pass all my classes....it's the weirdest thing, i've never worried about passing in school before. welcome to college i guess haha. finals week = hell week.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

sad days

so once upon a time [today], i was in writing class and i got my paper back....and i had gotten a very very bad score...then i went to my next class and got a paper back...with a very bad score...and i realized..i suck at writing. it is not really one of my skills apparently...at least not at uni. in high school all my teachers loved my writing, i guess that just lulled me into a false sense of security. so i went to uni all excited thinking, "i can do this!"........FALSE. i cannot. my new goal is not to get good grades, but to just pass all my classes. at least this semester, because this is the best i can hope for sadly. it kind of makes me wanna cry.
on a brighter note, i had a very good, kinda great weekend. i got to go camping on friday night, and then on saturday i got to go home and hangout with my little brother. i also got to bring home a friend, which was very exciting. my friend's name is Louie. she is awesome. she got to go on Weekend Adventures with kaia, hannah, and i. so that was pretty wonderful. then on sunday my friend matthew had his farewell, which was sad but fantastic at the same time. then we had a yummy family dinner. i love my sunday family dinner :)
then i came back to uni....and did homework. apparently badly even though i spent hours upon hours working on it. oh well, i'll just have to try even harder next time. and maybe learn to write to please my professors and not myself.

Monday, November 15, 2010

brilliant win!

14 Nov

All Blacks v Scotland


6:15 am


Monday, September 13, 2010

looking back....

i was just looking at my blog today and reviewing old post when i realized that i didnt put up any pictures from prom! i had the sweetest date...a young man by the name of Collin Bearnson who was such a gentleman. :O) his mum was also such a doll and got one of her friends, porshe [a professional photograher], to take pictures of us. here are the pictures...i hope you enjoy them :O)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Making friends………………is it really as easy as it seems?

Being at college is a whole new experience……you see people who come to school all by themselves…..they come from across the state, across the country, and across the world even. They know no one, yet they are able to quickly bond with other students…..usually bonded together by similar feeling, ideas, and standards. Here at BYU….you see a whole different story than you would at any other university….especially if you were comparing it to a university like cal state, or university of Washington or some other random university………. People here are brought together by the common thread of religion…..LDS religion to be more specific……it draws together kids with similar values and standards….students who are looking for the same thing in life…..that being eternal life….and happiness on their adventure striving for that :O)

It is really interesting to see how the different kids here from different cultures and upbringings react differently to the same situation. They are all being thrust into their futures…..they are alone [im not counting knowing kids at school as being not alone] you really are alone when you move out…you are no longer surrounded by the family and people you grew up with…….you are growing up….you are surrounded by people in the same stage of life that you are in…… it is really an amazing phenomenon the way that different people respond and act.

Most kids' responses are affected by their life experiences, the way they grew up, and really just on their own, personal, and original personalities. I see kids who go and sit by themselves at breakfast, lunch, and dinner…..you can almost see them hoping that someone will come sit by them….. then you see the kids who eat with the kids that went to their old high schools…..they aren't meeting new people….but they aren't shutting themselves against the world……then you see the kids that decide that they want to sit by someone new and different every meal….these are the ones that seem to have the best experiences and make the most and lasting friendships….

Sometimes it's better to have the later behavior and point of view….but then again sometimes it's better to make new friends but not be too overpowering….never be the first example! You may make friends because someone took pity on you and decided to sit by you….but you didn't do anything to earn that friendship…..the things that we work for are the things that we appreciate the most…..if you want to make good friends… you have to put forth the effort….and actually do something to try and make friends :O) don't be a sit-by-yourself-er….be a make-new-friends-because-you-went-out-of-your-comfort-zone-and-decided-to-work-for-your-friendships-er! Making friends is really not that hard….it's actually quite easy….just stay away from the dodgy fools and sketchy creepers….and you'll do just fine… :O)

Saturday, September 4, 2010


sorry this has taken so long for me update....as you can all tell....i struggle with updating regularly. :O) well i'm down here at byu provo... and i've survied my first week hahaha.... i've been enjoying my classes immensely and find them very interesting. i am taking 14 credits which include: anthropology 101, writing 150, psychology 111, greek and roman mythology, and religion 212 [which is a BOM class]....it's really been fun :O)
i enjoy being on my own, and have been having a fun time with new friends and old. there have been a few dances and activities which have been cool.... although i do miss mum's cooking. hahaha but who wouldn't right? anyways here's a pic of my roommate [allie knight] and i :O) love you all!

Friday, August 6, 2010

San Diego Senior Trip

just got back this morning at one'o'clock.....super long drive! my mum and daddy took to me to san diego for a few days as my senior trip. we got there on sunday evening and arrived back home yesterday....as i said above. we got to see sea world, san diego zoo, and wildlife park. it was way fun! we got to see all sorts of cool animals like lion, tigers, bears..........hahahaha
we also saw giraffes, baby elephants, a baby rhino, warthogs, a little panda bear, lots of monkeys, cranes, condors, wildabeast, and lot and lots of other animals. i'll put up pictures when i get them up on the computer :O)

we also walked around Old Town San Diego, the Gaslamp District, and Little Italy.... all of which had absolutely amazing food! in little italy we went to this restaurant call trattoria fantasica. it was right under the neon little italy sign and the food was completely divine! hahaha all super athentic and if you ever get a chance to eat there.... do it!

Heritage Tours

so i havent written in forever it seems but heres a little bit about what i've been up to in july.....

HERITAGE TOURS!!!!!!!!!!!! i was gone for three weeks on a church history tour where we visited church history sites all connecting to the pioneers and jospeh smith. we made a big circle driving up to winter quarters over to kirtland....then new york, where we also visted nyc and niagara falls....... to vermont, the birthplace of joseph smith.....to pennsylvania.....virginia.....nauvoo.....and adam ondi amon! we saw carthage jail, liberty jail, hill cumora pagaent, nauvoo pagaent...and lots more. it was a fun trip fill with the spirit... and friendships were made that will last forever.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

aloha! talofa! kia ora! bula! malo e lelei!

greetings from the far traveler! hahaha or not so far traveler, as i only went to hawaii.... but it was wonderful to soak up some more polynesian culture and just relax! we left the mainland on tuesday, June 1st. the first leg of our journey was a short hour and a half flight to portland, oregon where we had a short 40 min layover, and then it was off to the beautiful island of oahu, hawaii. (it's my fav island) we arrived there the evening of the 1st. this trip we stayed down on the south part of the island in Waikiki. it was a whole new experience for us, as we usually stay on the north shore. we spent so much time up on the north shore though, that next time we go to hawaii we'll definitely stay up there as per usual. waikiki was very different because it is very busy and touristy. there is a lot of shopping, but when we were down there, we usually just hung out at the hotel. the hotel had a beautiful pool, man made lagoon, and a beach. here are some pics of it.

we spent a lot of time up on the north shore in laie. my cousins melanie and royce (they're husband and wife) live up there, along with felix, who is royce's younger brother. felix works at the PCC [polynesian cultral center] in the Samoan village as a "demostrator" basically he climbs coconut trees, makes fire with sticks, and dances hahaha :O) we spent a few days up there at the pcc going around to the different villages. we also say kimmy johnson [a girl my age from our ward in highland who is attending byuh for spring and summer] and amber ah sue [who was my roommate at SOAR last year and will be attending byu with me in the fall] they both work there as picture polys [the ones who pose in pictures with you when you come in] and as dancers. we had a good time there! :o>

so we also went to the beach. of course! who goes to hawaii and doesnt go the beach. come on! lets get real here! but i'm tired of writing so i'm just going to put up some pics.

we got home yesterday, june 9th in the morning after a redeye flight back, straight from hawaii

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2010 grad.............finally!!!!

so about a week and a half ago, i finally became a highschool graduate. FINALLY!!!!! it's taken fourteen whole years! (don't worry, that's including preschool and kindergarten; i'm not a super senior :O] haha) anyways, it was very long, we had about 700 to 750 kids in my class. and they all decided that they needed to pose for a picture in groups of their little friends whiled they walked. i didn't even know that ppl did that! i guess it's because i haven't ever been to a graduation. i avoid them at all costs! i only went to my own because my parents made me :O) don't worry, i had my psp (play station portable) to keep me company. Prince of Persia is a very exciting and fun game :O) hahaha anyway, i am now a graduate of Lone Peak High School class of 2010. it's been a good, but long run. next.... off to byu in the fall!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

newspaper --> the last day

vasha: so alyssa and i are just sitting here, signing year books, when we realized that what we signed in each other's year books was like the exact same thing. just worded different! crazy sauce happens i guess!
alyssa: this one time in newspaper, me and vash discovered this game...called the squirrell game. http://www.nitrome.com/games/chickflick/ check it out.
vasha: it's basically unreal...we had way too much fun playing it during our work time. :O)so much time spent and wasted on that game....good times!
ms. orme: Hey girl! Words cannot express how proud I am of who you are and the work you did this year. Come back and visit because YOU are someone I don't want to lose touch with. Enjoy the summer, girlie!
vasha: awwww... thanks ms orme! love you so much, best teacher ever!!!! well, this is vasha signing off, but newspaper! way fun, way exciting, and way cool!
Collin: I like rap i like hip hop i like iyaz i like lil wayne i like bowowowwowowow i like the utah jazz i like the cougs they are my favorite i like my boy chris brown i like honey honey food for the bees these are a few of my favorite things:)
Michael: The bright side of the road makes me feel like sad and dark shadows. The feeling of peace is good in places of full and intensity. The last time i said goodbye was also the first. i like chicken nuggets.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i like. . .

best friends,
princess jasmine,
weights class,
swimming pools,
Michael the Beast,
Hottie McHottie,
yellow flowers,
rock music,
all about me videos,
corner convenience stores,
newspaper stands,
sky scrapers,
blue sky,
fluffy clouds,
ms. orme,
average wizards,
harry potter,
black and white,
polk a dots,
knox edward sitton,
summer sitton,
nephews and nieces,
back packs,
sliver sharpies,
cultural tattoos,
reeses pieces,
iron man,
boys named kate,
palm pilots,
fbi agents,
the military,
beach cruisers,
head phones,
pink shirts on guys,
safety goggles,
white water,
mommies and daddies,
my mommy,
my daddy,
seminary teachers,
playing hook,
team captains,
bare feet,
piano keyboards,
mowing laws,
dan carter,
all blacks,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

third person = miscommunication

he said, she said. a misspoken word, a unheard hello. a glance away, a glance towards. everyday, relationships change. sometimes for the better, but a lot of times for the worse. just because of a misunderstanding. especially when a middle person is involved. take for instance a couple of my friends. two were interested in each other, a third person that was friend to both and totally well meaning told the guy that the girl had said something about him. he had misunderstood and just broke off the relationship that was only just starting with the girl. they are together now, but there was a lot of drama, just because of the involvement of a third person, and because of jumping to conclusions. teenagers need to learn to listen better, and the they need to learn to communicate better and clearer. they need to! or else they will never have successful relationships. that includes love, friendship, family, and even careers and business. teens of this current generation are terrible communicators, and when they do communicate, sometimes it is rudely, or even cruelly. we as teens need to shape up, and learn from the experiences of others. experiences of sadness, drama, hurt, and anger. then we won't have to repeat their 'history.' and if there is going to be a third person in your relationship, let's make it Christ. He's the only third person that can only positively affect our lives. not some well-meaning but nosy friend, but the big brother and friend of us all who truly knows what is best for us.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

together by chance, united by choice

“The whole point of rugby is that it is, first and foremost, a state of mind, a spirit,” said Jean Pierre Rives, a former rugby union player for France. Locked in a scrum, at the bottom of a ruck, or racing down the field for a try United Rugby is the latest and most popular team in the Highland, Alpine, Cedar Hills area. This year, United rugby has reached a new point as it expands its teams and adds a girls team. The team just went down to Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Rugby Tournament this last weekend. The team played five games on Friday and one game on Saturday. They were undefeated for the whole tournament and went 6-0. The first game they played and won on Friday was against the Canadian 19 All Star team. They also played against Davis County and two teams from Las Vegas among others. They played very well and deserve to be commended for it.
United Rugby not only is a great team, and plays well, but it is a great environment for all its players. It is an outlet for some kids, and forms a brotherhood so tight knit, that they are the perfect example of what it is to be a team.
Rugby is a violent game, you cannot deny it, but it is a sport that builds character, magnifies honor, and promotes loyalty.
Hooker, Junior Travis Howden said, “The best thing about rugby is when you get to smash other kids into the ground. Yeah, it’s the best.” As hooker, Howden defends the middle of the line against the other team’s props and second rowers. The hooker usually makes the most tackles in the game and has to learn to read his team mates and have a good knowledge of the game. He learns to protect and lead. These are skills he will use for the rest of his life. Not only does the hooker learn life skills from the sport of rugby, but every other team member will learn things that they will keep with them for the rest of their life. It’s like Senior Ian Biesinger said, “Rugby is my life, my life is rugby.”
As the United Rugby team plays its way through this season, let’s cheer them on, and learn from them. As they say, “Together by chance, united by choice.” Kia kaha.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Here's a Birthday shout out to my girl Ellie! Happy Birthday girl! May this be a happy day as you are surrounded by family, friends, love, and prayers!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Racial Ignorance

It was in August of 1997 when it happened. I was five and had just returned home from my first day of Kindergarten. When I walked in the door and saw my mom, the first thing that I said wasn’t “Hey mommy! I’m home!” or “Mommy! Did you miss me?” No, the first sentence that burst from my lips was, “Mommy? Am I black?”
Hi, I’m Naivasha Hani Burrows, and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to come to enlighten and talk to you about Racial Ignorance. In case you haven’t noticed, I am in fact not black, but Hapa-Haole, which is half Chinese, half white. My mom is Malaysian-Chinese, meaning she was born in Malaysia, but her ancestors are from China. Hainan specifically. My daddy was born in California, raised in Washington, and although he spent his teenage/high school years living in Kenya, Africa, he is in fact Caucasian, or more commonly known as white.
Coming home from school that day, I was just as confused about my ethnicity as the kids in my class were. They had never seen someone who looked as different from them as I did, so what did they do? They assumed that I was the Chocolate to their Vanilla. Of course, I’ve always considered myself more of a Carmel or butterscotch, but who can afford to be picky about their flavor of skin? My mom explained to me that day that I was the same as them, but because she was Chinese, I was just a little browner than them, in every other way I was just like them. Ever since then, I’ve embraced my racial background, and loved the color that I am.
It is not only the little Kindergarten children of our culture that are racially ignorant. It is our teens, and it is our educated, and sophisticated adults! Both my brothers and I have experienced this lack of knowledge right here at Lone Peak. Weekly I am asked if I am Latino, or Indian, or Brazilian, or Poly, or Mexican. Once I was even asked if I was a Philippine-Cambodian mix. Yeah-no! Also, people sometimes ask whether we are Chinese or are we Asian. Umm, people? China is in Asia, therefore Chinese is Asian! Surprise surprise!
I also have adults ask me where I am from. I always say I’m from here. Then they go, “No, I mean, what country are you from?” I always say that I am from America. Guys, I am an American. Just because we are a different color, or our ancestors come from a different country doesn’t mean we aren’t Americans. I am an American, Tarrah Samuels is an American, President Barrack Obama is an American, every single one of us in this room is an American, no matter our race, no matter our background, and no matter our ethnicity. We need to educate our fellow citizens that people are from different countries, and we do need to be sensitive to that, but just because they are from different countries, like my mom, that doesn’t mean they aren’t American. Just because a person is brown doesn’t mean they are black or a Mexican. Just because someone is Hispanic doesn’t mean that they are an illegal immigrant!
Racial Ignorance is a huge problem we face today and we don’t even realize it. You may say that it’s okay to be racially ignorance as long as we aren’t racist or mean about it. You are right in the fact that you can be racially ignorant without being racist, but it is not okay. People need to be educated, and we can do that by:
1.) Being more open about our ethnic backgrounds, don’t be afraid to let people know that you aren’t just American, you are a Chinese-American, African-American, Mexican-American, but do let them know that you are an American and proud of it.
2.) Being a lot more tactful when we question people about their race. Instead of asking, “So where are you from?” because if they are like me, they are from Utah, or California, or I don’t know, Tennessee, and that won’t give you the answer you want. Try “So, what is your ethnic background?” for a change. They will feel a lot more respected and more comfortable sharing their cultural background with you.
3.) Educate your friends and future kids, and even grandkids if you have any, that just because someone may look different from them, they are still American. Also, let them know that there is more that just white and black out there; there is brown, there’s yellow, there’s red, there is even orange, and lots of other colors in between. Educate them on other cultures and if you are of a different ethnicity, let your kids know that it is okay to look different, because in Chris Sossou’s words in his article “Obama Candidacy Exposes Diverse Falsehoods and Racial Ignorance: “Is a [different colored] person not a human being, made in the image of God?”
We as a country need to strive to become less racially ignorance, and more racially educated, we must overcome this as we are also overcoming racism to bring our selves into a tighter knit country. We need to unify ourselves as Americans, especially during this time and realized that we are all the same, and we are all Americans.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


People make assumptions everyday. They are always seeing, judging, assuming, and then moving on to the next thing to see, judge, assume, and move on from. It’s something everybody does, it’s human nature. We make these assumptions based on looks, mannerisms, body language, actions, facial expressions, and sometimes even smell and taste. These thoughts go through people’s heads constantly, and we are the victims of each other’s minds and thoughts. I make these assumptions about people and things and so do you. Assumptions pop into your head when you see me and each other, taking only moments for each thought to enter and then leave your mind. Assumptions are a part of everyday life, everyone makes them, so let’s try not to jump to conclusions, judge to harshly, or voice all the ones we may make. It will make everyone so much happier!

me and mckay

me and mckay
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auntie ingrid and i

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