Thursday, November 17, 2011

TOMS Patches

I don't know about all the rest of you TOMS wearers out there, but i wear through my rather quickly. i always get little holes in the tips of mine where my big toes poke out haha. i was sick of not being able to wear them anymore (as they cost rather a lot more than they should), so i decided to patch them up finally.

Instead of leaving just one little patch on the tip, i also decided to embellish them a bit with some gold ribbon which i used fabric glue to attach to the shoe. For the patches, i just used some material from old jeans and glued a square on the inside of the shoe, and then also the outside. Here's my finished product!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

this is halloween, halloween, HALLOWEEN!!!

Ok so i haven't blogged in ages and i have to hurry and finish my paper right now for class, but i'm thought that i would put up a couple of pictures from halloween and then write some more enjoy and there will be more!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

something to blog about

ok....i thought of something exciting to blog about! (hahaha this proves how non exciting my life is). ok so, my supervisor at work, Stacey, has a pet boa constrictor at her house. it's name is Katie :) haha so she promised she would bring her in on feeding day so that we could hold then feed her!! so the surprise is that we didn't know exactly what day it was going to be until she brought her in......and it was our unofficial dress day. where all four of us secretaries wore dresses to work. so that's why in all of these pictures we're all dressed up for holding a snake hahaha.

After holding Katie, we fed her a huge rat and it was AWESOME!!!!! and yeah....just another one of the adventures while working in the BYU Grounds Office. hahahaha

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


wow, im such a fail at blogging! so i apologize and i'll try to be better....just like i say in every post of mine hahaha :) well lets see, not much has been going on, just been chilling, going to work from 8 to 5 then coming home to do some hw. hopefully i'll finish my class in about a week and a half so that i can have a nice three week summer :) hahaha uh.... i'll try to live a more exciting life so i can have things to blog about hahahah xx

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

post surgery blogging...

ok, im soooo bad at keeping up my blog. so i'll try to get better...sorry! ok so what has been going on recently in my life.........hmmmm....
well i just had a complete reconstructive surgery on my acl. I completely tore through and pulverized my acl and through my meniscus. it was great! hahaha it happened during rugby when two different people tackled into my knee at the same time from different directions. this was while i had a run and had already hit a dip on the pitch and hyperextended my knee. it didn't end so well.....and the fact that i went back into the game and tried to finish it out. that helped too haha. until the ref took me out that is!

its been about a week and a half since my surgery and i graduated from my brace and crutches yesterday! and im allowed to drive again! hurray! im not really allowed to do anything physcial unfortunately, so if there is some unexplained but large amounts of weight gain....that would be why hahaha but hopefully not! i'll be able to run in about three months and play sports with a special brace in about six months. im definitely counting down the days!!!

ok lets see what else....hmmm im back at work, i work for the Director of Grounds office at BYU. so thats fun. i have a bunch of awesome co-workers who make what would be otherwise a boring day fun :) gotta love em!
I also go to physical therapy three times a week. I have to admit, these are the highlights of my week as its the only time allowed to exercise and be physical! and the people there are amazing!!! too bad physical therapy is so darn expensive or else i would probably be in there every single day!

well that's all that i can think of for now. until next time!!!

xoxoxox vash <3

Sunday, March 6, 2011

SC tourney and Wasatch Cup

so i really am bad at consistently blogging, unlike my mum haha. for those of you who don't know, she just changed her blog address from to shirleyandsons.blogspot.comn its amazing and there's yummy food and great stories and pictures :):)

ok so lets see.....last weekend ashton, brandon, walter, and i had a rugby tournament in st george. it was super fun, the boys did awesome in their games and i had a blast in mine. our girls did well considering we only had four practices pre tournament. we played against lowland girls team p[who have been practicing since nov] that game we lost 5-3 tries, and our second game against Snow Canyon girls team [who have been practicing since august. that game we lost 3-2 tries. in the first game i was selected as woman of the match by the other team. and in the second game i got our second try. [a try in rugby is like a touchdown in football].

Ok then yesterday, we went to Rio Tinto and had another Rugby Saturday :) first at twelve we had UNITED LP team against Davis County. We won 22-17. Then it was highland u19 against uvu u21. THat was a terrible game and highland crushed uvu. not worth mentioning. THEN.....BYU vs UofU!!!!! of course BYU won 42-20 and it was AWESOME!!!! i had a ton of fun with my rugby mates that were girls and we were able to cheer on a bunch of my friends who play for BYU :):) it was such a blast and we had an amazing time :) now we are about to sit down for sunday family dinner with our family friends the tidwells. we're also celebrating my daddy's birthday today :) HAPPY 53rd DADDY!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! :):):)

oh and it's also my friend peter wilkinson birthday as well! he plays for the byu rugby team and is from england. so....HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER!!! :) <3

anywho i'll try to blog more and keep taking pictures :) be happy and keep the faith. vasha.

Monday, February 14, 2011

new brothers :)

well it's been exactly two whole months since i last posted....and for that i apologize. my laptop has been sent off for repairs as it would not even turn on :s but no worries! my generous roommate has been letting me use hers! so that's what im doing now! sitting at her desk and blogging. so lets see....what's of our family friends daughter got married this last friday feb 11th! Congratulations britalee and larry!!!! hope you guys have a blast in mexico!! :)

also ashton spent the weekend is Las Vegas for the 2011 Rugby Sevens World Series!!! his team played some games on thursday fri and sat....they played full fifteen...then on saturday and sunday were able to watch the professional international sevens teams compete. i was cheering the whole time for new zealand and was estatic when they made it to the semi finals. they lost however to fiji who played very well this series.

it all came down to fiji and south africa....and SPRINGBOKS WIN!!!!! south africa took the cup for 2011!

i also got two new brothers yesterday! brandon and walter....they are both from new zealand and will be living with our family for the duration of the 2011 spring rugby season. they will be playing for united alongside ashton :) Walter is from Kaitaia, NZ with is in the far north about 160 kilos aways from Whangarei and Brandon is from Hamilton, NZ. it should be a very interesting experience for us all.
my mum says that she went from two sons on this earth, to one son, and now she has three! she's also working on a cooking blog that will be soon up and running. check it out at :):):) on it she'll be putting meals that she cooks for her boys at home, showing pictures and a bit about the dish...should be yummy!!!

well i have to go do some more homework before i go to dinner and then fhe....
keep the faith & be happy. Vasha

me and mckay

me and mckay
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vasha and cuz ashley

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