Monday, February 14, 2011

new brothers :)

well it's been exactly two whole months since i last posted....and for that i apologize. my laptop has been sent off for repairs as it would not even turn on :s but no worries! my generous roommate has been letting me use hers! so that's what im doing now! sitting at her desk and blogging. so lets see....what's of our family friends daughter got married this last friday feb 11th! Congratulations britalee and larry!!!! hope you guys have a blast in mexico!! :)

also ashton spent the weekend is Las Vegas for the 2011 Rugby Sevens World Series!!! his team played some games on thursday fri and sat....they played full fifteen...then on saturday and sunday were able to watch the professional international sevens teams compete. i was cheering the whole time for new zealand and was estatic when they made it to the semi finals. they lost however to fiji who played very well this series.

it all came down to fiji and south africa....and SPRINGBOKS WIN!!!!! south africa took the cup for 2011!

i also got two new brothers yesterday! brandon and walter....they are both from new zealand and will be living with our family for the duration of the 2011 spring rugby season. they will be playing for united alongside ashton :) Walter is from Kaitaia, NZ with is in the far north about 160 kilos aways from Whangarei and Brandon is from Hamilton, NZ. it should be a very interesting experience for us all.
my mum says that she went from two sons on this earth, to one son, and now she has three! she's also working on a cooking blog that will be soon up and running. check it out at :):):) on it she'll be putting meals that she cooks for her boys at home, showing pictures and a bit about the dish...should be yummy!!!

well i have to go do some more homework before i go to dinner and then fhe....
keep the faith & be happy. Vasha


Jacki's travels said...

Wow - thanks for the newsy update. Should be pretty fun around the house. I will most certainly check out your moms cooking blog - it will undoubtedly be yummy.

Connie Burrows said...

So glad you are back into blogging. Sounds like your house will be a busy place. Keep studying!

Heidi said...

Hey! Happy Valentines day :) Thanks for the update.

highlandburrows said...

Naivasha and Dad were on the couch cheering and watching rugby. It is the funniest thing. It was a nice bonding time daughter and father. It was nice to have Naivasha home - just the three of us while Ashton is in Vegas. WE love you Naivasha

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