Tuesday, November 24, 2009

new house

i know that many of you all want to know what the new house looks like, so here's a picture from the outside -->


Sean came and helped us move last tuesday, and leslee and summer came and hung out at our new house. we had a fun time hanging out and went to dinner afterward. when asked who loved summy best, she would say, "Basha!" when she says ashton's, is sounds like shes calling him ashes. it's really cute!

field trip

ashton and i had a field trip for AP government and politics. we went down to BYU for the international fair and had fun with our friends and passing the rugby ball around with the byu rugby players.

Sadie Hawkings Dance

I went to Sadies with a kid in my ward named Bryson Carrier. We had tons of fun, our group theme was nerds. my date and i went a little overboard with our outfits i think :O)

me and mckay

me and mckay
preppin to board w mckay


auntie ingrid and i

vasha and cuz ashley

vasha and cuz ashley

my fam

my skills at driving at photography

my sweet button jewlery