Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sadie Hawkins Dance

so, i finally asked someone to Sadie's (the first girls choice dance of the year) and i thought that i was soooo creative and cute when i asked. i got a plain white v-neck tshirt and in permanent marker i wrote:

will u go to sadies w/ me?
Wash Me!!!
and my name.

then in washable marker i wrote a bunch of other girls names so that when he washed it, only my name would be left. then, i wrapped it in tissue wrapping paper and put it in a box. i also made a little card that said:

wash to find out sender
her's will be the only name left
(then i put the instructions from
like the tag of a shirt)

i made the card all cute, put it on top of the tshirt, sealed the box, wrapped it up, and put a big bow on the top of it. then this morning, i took it to the front office of the school and asked them to give it to them. i guess he picked it up w/ his friends and i talked to them later. i found out that one of his best friends asked a girl that way to Homecoming, then she asked my friend to Sadies, then he gave me the idea of how to ask the guy i asked. so it turned out it wasnt so creative and original like i thought. sad huh? so im just waiting for him to respond, and hope that the tshirt actually worked (cuz im not sure if the permanent will stay, and if the washable will wash out) and hope that he says yes!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Steeley Steele

hanibee: Steele! did you just say that hoodies are a great accesory?
steeley steele: what? what are you talking about?
hanibee: idk, i tottally thought u just said that!
steeley steele: i love you u are always in such a laughy mood!
hanibee: what do u mean?
steeley steele: whenever i see you, u are always laughing or smiling! i just love that about you!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


so, ive already had another adventure! this morning i put a french vanilla cola in my backpack for the trip to school. i got to school and took my backpack out of the backseat and put it on and started walking up to the school. i bumped my backpack up so that i could pull down my jacket and i felt wetness. i thought that it was from when i brushed a pole on the sidewalk, cuz everything is covered in frost so it was all frosty. hahaha, u kno and wet and stuff. so i get to coach's class and take off my backpack and realize its soaking wet and dripping on the bottom. i look inside and there is like a lake in my backpack. it was like 5 inches deep and i could literally see my hw and random candy that i didnt even kno i had (if i did, i would have eaten it already) swimming around! i was absolutely horrified!!! i hurried and pull my already soaked math book and my hw that was all folded up at the bottom of my backpack. if was horrible. so i hung it all up in my locker and i didnt get credit for any of my hw in any of my classes cuz it was all soggy and illegible! sad huh? but, on a happier note Sunshine* did say hi to me during my time of trauma. he came in and i didnt say anything cuz i wanted to see if he noticed me. he did. he was all like, "hey hanibee! what's goin on?" i was all like "hey Sunshine!" anyway, this was just another story in the traumatizing life of the #1hanibee!

*names have been changed for the protection of the person whose name was changed

Monday, October 13, 2008

Skirt in the Leggins Incident

i had the cutest outfit planned out for today. i just bought these ah-some boots that are point-toe, stilletto, and go all the way up to my knees. i wore them with some black leggins and my hotpink, white, and black zebra printed minidress. oh! and my black trench/pea coat. iy was way cute. i call it my hooker outfit tho. anyway. so im running a little late, and dillon is driving in front of my like a total spaz! pedal. .. . BRAKE!!!!!. . . pedal. . . . . . . . . BRAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!! ya, like that. anywas i guess he was doin homework. (i asked him later) im kinda late so i have to park a little farther away that i usually do and im hurrying so i wont be late right? so all these cars are passing me when im walkin up to the school and im like being all social and calling out to all my many friends and they all say high back and stuff. so, the school has these mirrors placed on the wall every 100-150 feet or so, and i pass one on my way to class and i look in right to make sure my ah-mazing outfit still looks good right? and i realize that my dress was tucked into the make of my leggings!! giving all those people in the parking lot and the kiddies in the hall a great (or not so great) view of my glutious maximus. or in other words. MY BUTT!!! how embarrassing right? so i just hurry and pull it out and for the rest of the day im like pulling and tugging at my dress and the skirt part of it, to make sure it hasn't got caught again. and the sad thing is . . . . . not one told me! i totally would have told the person. but, its over and done. oh well.
-this is just another fun and embarrassing moment in the life of the #1hanibee!

me and mckay

me and mckay
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