Monday, October 13, 2008

Skirt in the Leggins Incident

i had the cutest outfit planned out for today. i just bought these ah-some boots that are point-toe, stilletto, and go all the way up to my knees. i wore them with some black leggins and my hotpink, white, and black zebra printed minidress. oh! and my black trench/pea coat. iy was way cute. i call it my hooker outfit tho. anyway. so im running a little late, and dillon is driving in front of my like a total spaz! pedal. .. . BRAKE!!!!!. . . pedal. . . . . . . . . BRAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!! ya, like that. anywas i guess he was doin homework. (i asked him later) im kinda late so i have to park a little farther away that i usually do and im hurrying so i wont be late right? so all these cars are passing me when im walkin up to the school and im like being all social and calling out to all my many friends and they all say high back and stuff. so, the school has these mirrors placed on the wall every 100-150 feet or so, and i pass one on my way to class and i look in right to make sure my ah-mazing outfit still looks good right? and i realize that my dress was tucked into the make of my leggings!! giving all those people in the parking lot and the kiddies in the hall a great (or not so great) view of my glutious maximus. or in other words. MY BUTT!!! how embarrassing right? so i just hurry and pull it out and for the rest of the day im like pulling and tugging at my dress and the skirt part of it, to make sure it hasn't got caught again. and the sad thing is . . . . . not one told me! i totally would have told the person. but, its over and done. oh well.
-this is just another fun and embarrassing moment in the life of the #1hanibee!

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didi said...

Vasha, that's when you can tell who the true friends are... I am so sorry I would have told you for sure....
Thanks, I had a great laugh imagining the scene.

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