Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sadie Hawkins Dance

so, i finally asked someone to Sadie's (the first girls choice dance of the year) and i thought that i was soooo creative and cute when i asked. i got a plain white v-neck tshirt and in permanent marker i wrote:

will u go to sadies w/ me?
Wash Me!!!
and my name.

then in washable marker i wrote a bunch of other girls names so that when he washed it, only my name would be left. then, i wrapped it in tissue wrapping paper and put it in a box. i also made a little card that said:

wash to find out sender
her's will be the only name left
(then i put the instructions from
like the tag of a shirt)

i made the card all cute, put it on top of the tshirt, sealed the box, wrapped it up, and put a big bow on the top of it. then this morning, i took it to the front office of the school and asked them to give it to them. i guess he picked it up w/ his friends and i talked to them later. i found out that one of his best friends asked a girl that way to Homecoming, then she asked my friend to Sadies, then he gave me the idea of how to ask the guy i asked. so it turned out it wasnt so creative and original like i thought. sad huh? so im just waiting for him to respond, and hope that the tshirt actually worked (cuz im not sure if the permanent will stay, and if the washable will wash out) and hope that he says yes!

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