Wednesday, May 26, 2010

newspaper --> the last day

vasha: so alyssa and i are just sitting here, signing year books, when we realized that what we signed in each other's year books was like the exact same thing. just worded different! crazy sauce happens i guess!
alyssa: this one time in newspaper, me and vash discovered this game...called the squirrell game. check it out.
vasha: it's basically unreal...we had way too much fun playing it during our work time. :O)so much time spent and wasted on that game....good times!
ms. orme: Hey girl! Words cannot express how proud I am of who you are and the work you did this year. Come back and visit because YOU are someone I don't want to lose touch with. Enjoy the summer, girlie!
vasha: awwww... thanks ms orme! love you so much, best teacher ever!!!! well, this is vasha signing off, but newspaper! way fun, way exciting, and way cool!
Collin: I like rap i like hip hop i like iyaz i like lil wayne i like bowowowwowowow i like the utah jazz i like the cougs they are my favorite i like my boy chris brown i like honey honey food for the bees these are a few of my favorite things:)
Michael: The bright side of the road makes me feel like sad and dark shadows. The feeling of peace is good in places of full and intensity. The last time i said goodbye was also the first. i like chicken nuggets.

Monday, May 10, 2010

me and mckay

me and mckay
preppin to board w mckay


auntie ingrid and i

vasha and cuz ashley

vasha and cuz ashley

my fam

my skills at driving at photography

my sweet button jewlery