Thursday, June 10, 2010

aloha! talofa! kia ora! bula! malo e lelei!

greetings from the far traveler! hahaha or not so far traveler, as i only went to hawaii.... but it was wonderful to soak up some more polynesian culture and just relax! we left the mainland on tuesday, June 1st. the first leg of our journey was a short hour and a half flight to portland, oregon where we had a short 40 min layover, and then it was off to the beautiful island of oahu, hawaii. (it's my fav island) we arrived there the evening of the 1st. this trip we stayed down on the south part of the island in Waikiki. it was a whole new experience for us, as we usually stay on the north shore. we spent so much time up on the north shore though, that next time we go to hawaii we'll definitely stay up there as per usual. waikiki was very different because it is very busy and touristy. there is a lot of shopping, but when we were down there, we usually just hung out at the hotel. the hotel had a beautiful pool, man made lagoon, and a beach. here are some pics of it.

we spent a lot of time up on the north shore in laie. my cousins melanie and royce (they're husband and wife) live up there, along with felix, who is royce's younger brother. felix works at the PCC [polynesian cultral center] in the Samoan village as a "demostrator" basically he climbs coconut trees, makes fire with sticks, and dances hahaha :O) we spent a few days up there at the pcc going around to the different villages. we also say kimmy johnson [a girl my age from our ward in highland who is attending byuh for spring and summer] and amber ah sue [who was my roommate at SOAR last year and will be attending byu with me in the fall] they both work there as picture polys [the ones who pose in pictures with you when you come in] and as dancers. we had a good time there! :o>

so we also went to the beach. of course! who goes to hawaii and doesnt go the beach. come on! lets get real here! but i'm tired of writing so i'm just going to put up some pics.

we got home yesterday, june 9th in the morning after a redeye flight back, straight from hawaii

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2010 grad.............finally!!!!

so about a week and a half ago, i finally became a highschool graduate. FINALLY!!!!! it's taken fourteen whole years! (don't worry, that's including preschool and kindergarten; i'm not a super senior :O] haha) anyways, it was very long, we had about 700 to 750 kids in my class. and they all decided that they needed to pose for a picture in groups of their little friends whiled they walked. i didn't even know that ppl did that! i guess it's because i haven't ever been to a graduation. i avoid them at all costs! i only went to my own because my parents made me :O) don't worry, i had my psp (play station portable) to keep me company. Prince of Persia is a very exciting and fun game :O) hahaha anyway, i am now a graduate of Lone Peak High School class of 2010. it's been a good, but long run. next.... off to byu in the fall!

me and mckay

me and mckay
preppin to board w mckay


auntie ingrid and i

vasha and cuz ashley

vasha and cuz ashley

my fam

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