Thursday, November 17, 2011

TOMS Patches

I don't know about all the rest of you TOMS wearers out there, but i wear through my rather quickly. i always get little holes in the tips of mine where my big toes poke out haha. i was sick of not being able to wear them anymore (as they cost rather a lot more than they should), so i decided to patch them up finally.

Instead of leaving just one little patch on the tip, i also decided to embellish them a bit with some gold ribbon which i used fabric glue to attach to the shoe. For the patches, i just used some material from old jeans and glued a square on the inside of the shoe, and then also the outside. Here's my finished product!


Connie Burrows said...

I need to get into the groove...what are Toms?...Love you patches.

vasha said...

haha they are a kind of shoe! you buy a pair and they give a pair to a child in need somewhere in the world :) i love my TOMS

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