Wednesday, November 17, 2010

sad days

so once upon a time [today], i was in writing class and i got my paper back....and i had gotten a very very bad score...then i went to my next class and got a paper back...with a very bad score...and i realized..i suck at writing. it is not really one of my skills least not at uni. in high school all my teachers loved my writing, i guess that just lulled me into a false sense of security. so i went to uni all excited thinking, "i can do this!"........FALSE. i cannot. my new goal is not to get good grades, but to just pass all my classes. at least this semester, because this is the best i can hope for sadly. it kind of makes me wanna cry.
on a brighter note, i had a very good, kinda great weekend. i got to go camping on friday night, and then on saturday i got to go home and hangout with my little brother. i also got to bring home a friend, which was very exciting. my friend's name is Louie. she is awesome. she got to go on Weekend Adventures with kaia, hannah, and i. so that was pretty wonderful. then on sunday my friend matthew had his farewell, which was sad but fantastic at the same time. then we had a yummy family dinner. i love my sunday family dinner :)
then i came back to uni....and did homework. apparently badly even though i spent hours upon hours working on it. oh well, i'll just have to try even harder next time. and maybe learn to write to please my professors and not myself.


Jacki's travels said...

Keep trying, the freshman year is a tough transition year academically. Don't hesitate to talk to the instructor about what they are looking for. You are a smart and capable young woman - you will survive!

Connie Burrows said...

What is wrong with that professor? Did he/she say what was wrong? Glad you had a nice weekend though. Hopefully we will see you over the Thanksgiving weekend if the weather is not to bad. Keep your spirits up!!!

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