Sunday, September 5, 2010

Making friends………………is it really as easy as it seems?

Being at college is a whole new experience……you see people who come to school all by themselves…..they come from across the state, across the country, and across the world even. They know no one, yet they are able to quickly bond with other students…..usually bonded together by similar feeling, ideas, and standards. Here at BYU….you see a whole different story than you would at any other university….especially if you were comparing it to a university like cal state, or university of Washington or some other random university………. People here are brought together by the common thread of religion…..LDS religion to be more specific……it draws together kids with similar values and standards….students who are looking for the same thing in life…..that being eternal life….and happiness on their adventure striving for that :O)

It is really interesting to see how the different kids here from different cultures and upbringings react differently to the same situation. They are all being thrust into their futures…..they are alone [im not counting knowing kids at school as being not alone] you really are alone when you move out…you are no longer surrounded by the family and people you grew up with…….you are growing up….you are surrounded by people in the same stage of life that you are in…… it is really an amazing phenomenon the way that different people respond and act.

Most kids' responses are affected by their life experiences, the way they grew up, and really just on their own, personal, and original personalities. I see kids who go and sit by themselves at breakfast, lunch, and dinner… can almost see them hoping that someone will come sit by them….. then you see the kids who eat with the kids that went to their old high schools…..they aren't meeting new people….but they aren't shutting themselves against the world……then you see the kids that decide that they want to sit by someone new and different every meal….these are the ones that seem to have the best experiences and make the most and lasting friendships….

Sometimes it's better to have the later behavior and point of view….but then again sometimes it's better to make new friends but not be too overpowering….never be the first example! You may make friends because someone took pity on you and decided to sit by you….but you didn't do anything to earn that friendship…..the things that we work for are the things that we appreciate the most…..if you want to make good friends… you have to put forth the effort….and actually do something to try and make friends :O) don't be a sit-by-yourself-er….be a make-new-friends-because-you-went-out-of-your-comfort-zone-and-decided-to-work-for-your-friendships-er! Making friends is really not that hard….it's actually quite easy….just stay away from the dodgy fools and sketchy creepers….and you'll do just fine… :O)

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Connie Burrows said...

Hi; Sounds like you are doing well and have a great attitude. Keep up the good work. Grandpa and I are very happy for you

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