Friday, January 2, 2009

happy new year!

so, happy new year everyone! we're now in 2009! whoooo!
ummmm i hope everyone is having a fantabulous winter break,
i am. got some shopping in. met a babelous dude! watched a ton
of movies. i'm not sure if im ready to go back to school, but you know
it's the end of the term so thats good. finally we're about half way done
with school. ummm just to keep everyone updated, i'm going to prefrence
with zach gish. i'll prbly post some pictures. so yeah.
Remember: feel free to comment, but keep it short, clean, and to the point.
Peace out. Hanib

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me and mckay

me and mckay
preppin to board w mckay


auntie ingrid and i

vasha and cuz ashley

vasha and cuz ashley

my fam

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my sweet button jewlery