Wednesday, June 22, 2011

post surgery blogging...

ok, im soooo bad at keeping up my blog. so i'll try to get better...sorry! ok so what has been going on recently in my life.........hmmmm....
well i just had a complete reconstructive surgery on my acl. I completely tore through and pulverized my acl and through my meniscus. it was great! hahaha it happened during rugby when two different people tackled into my knee at the same time from different directions. this was while i had a run and had already hit a dip on the pitch and hyperextended my knee. it didn't end so well.....and the fact that i went back into the game and tried to finish it out. that helped too haha. until the ref took me out that is!

its been about a week and a half since my surgery and i graduated from my brace and crutches yesterday! and im allowed to drive again! hurray! im not really allowed to do anything physcial unfortunately, so if there is some unexplained but large amounts of weight gain....that would be why hahaha but hopefully not! i'll be able to run in about three months and play sports with a special brace in about six months. im definitely counting down the days!!!

ok lets see what else....hmmm im back at work, i work for the Director of Grounds office at BYU. so thats fun. i have a bunch of awesome co-workers who make what would be otherwise a boring day fun :) gotta love em!
I also go to physical therapy three times a week. I have to admit, these are the highlights of my week as its the only time allowed to exercise and be physical! and the people there are amazing!!! too bad physical therapy is so darn expensive or else i would probably be in there every single day!

well that's all that i can think of for now. until next time!!!

xoxoxox vash <3

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Jacki's travels said...

Thanks for the update, Vasha. So sorry to hear about your injury and subsequent surgery. Hope you heal up quickly and 100%!

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